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Programs and lessons designed to teach your child how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Food Log

A food log simple enough for your child to use by themselves.

Delicious Recipes!

Yummy, healthy, and easy to make recipes that your child can make by themselves.


Workouts specifically made to make sure that your child will have fun and stay active.

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We care about your child's saftey!

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This website is designed for children. Every program is easy and promotes responsibilty.

Why We Decided to Make

This Website

Our mission is to make a platform that will inspire kids to stay active and eat healthy. It is our duty to ensure the saftey of our nation's youth, and we must do that by promising them access to the education that will teach them how to eat and excersise when they are older.

At Activ8, we also understand the severity of child obesity especially for those in poverty. We are starting programs to help feed children in lower income families as well as create free workout clinics across the United States in order to ensure that every child is included in our intiative to Activ8 our country's youth.

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